School Group Expectations


The Paradise Zone Youth Centre’s (PZYC) term time provision of informal education sessions with schools (as outlined in our School Session Plan) will fit with our Project Aims and as such will be set out to meet the needs of the individual young people who attend, first and foremost.

Before school groups attend The Paradise Zone Youth Centre (PZYC) the school will be contacted and the following will be confirmed:

  • Time slots available for sessions
  • Term Dates & any special events
  • The centre’s requirements/expectations regarding attendees, documentation, staffing, session provision, cancellation and liaison with school.

The following are the PZYC’s requirements which will need to be addressed by all school groups before attendance:

Number and Names of the students to attend.

These students will be expected at every session we provide unless they do not wish to attend. We need to be informed beforehand if they are not attending and there can be no substitutions without our agreement.

Up to date IEPs or similar.

This is so we can prepare our sessions appropriately and work better to meet students needs. Groups cannot attend unless we have received appropriate documentation for each individual student prior to the first visit.

Group co-ordinator contact details.

This person is the point of contact and responsible for the group they are bringing to the centre. They are responsible for liaison between the school and the youth centre and for providing any necessary information.


1. Each group attending our centre requires 2 members of school staff, who are required to remain on-site with their group at all times. This is not only for safety when travelling or to meet our policy standards but because of the range of activities provided which require greater staffing compared to when a group are engaged in the same activity and in order to provide a quality experience which often needs 1:1 to meet specific needs.

2. School staff are required to provide any appropriate Health & Safety and Safeguarding documentation (inc. DBS & First Aider certification) & risk assessments prior to the start of the academic term and to keep the centre informed of any changes.

3. Both on-site staff and school staff are expected to work with and engage with the young people throughout the session and provide opportunities for development and engagement with activities.

Session Provision

As we provide a valuable educational experience, any use of this session as a reward or punishment is inappropriate nor in keeping with our ethos. The more ‘difficult’ the behaviour of the student (unless it’s a matter of safety), the more likely they will be to benefit from this social experience.


We understand that there are times when other school commitments or staff shortages mean that a session will start late or has to be cancelled and we would like to be informed as soon as possible if this is likely to happen so not to waste resources which, as a charity, are limited.

The Paradise Zone Youth Centre contact is available to meet at the centre and to visit your school any time leading up to your first visit of the term to meet staff, collect appropriate documentation and information and discuss the school’s and student’s needs and provide any required youth centre documentation (example). Please email to arrange a meeting or send appropriate documentation/information by email or post to the address below.

We look forward to developing relationships and if there is anything we can do or provide to achieve this, please let us know and we will aim to accommodate.

The Paradise Zone Youth Centre, Kerbey St. Poplar London E14 6AJ Tel: 02079879405 Email:

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