Make a Donation

Generous people in the past have donated equipment, services and financially and children, young people and workers of the The Paradise Zone Youth Centre has benefitted from every one of those donations.


We have had donations from camping gear to an exercise bike to a drum kit, all of which we have used and still use. Anything that is donated that we can’t use in the centre we will either use for fundraising or will give it a good home with someone or an organization that can use it.


We have donations of services from organizations such The Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance or schools or individuals such as a tutor in sign language and a graffiti artist. Many of these services we would not have been able to afford.

Financial Donations

The Salvation Army funds the staffing and the running costs of The Paradise Zone Youth Centre. Other expenditure which amount to appoximately £5000 a year take the form of such costs as food, materials, equipment, training, expenses and London Youth Membership. Anything outside of this is fundraised by the young people themselves or  by applying for specific funding bodies for specific needs.

Cash donations can be specific, like a recent donation specified it be used for educational purposes. Or cash donations will go towards the overall costs of running the project.

All donations mean that young people will have opportunities they may not have otherwise.

Without people like you we could not do what we do.

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