Work Experience

Thomas, a long time volunteer (and he used to attend as a youth club member) offered a placement to one of our young people on work experience with Teach First. As well as providing the administraive and formal experience of work, he also provided the social and fun element which helps to develop social and communication skills and most important of all, for this student in particular, build confidence.

Based at London Bridge overlooking Tower Bridge the student (on the PZYC Alternative Education Programme) learned everything from appropriate office wear and how to negotiate public transport to setting up meetings and presentations and how to deal with security when lunching in City Hall.

The student especially loved ‘challenges’ and doing things she ‘never believed [she] would be able to do’ and was ‘so graetful [for the] opportunity’.

This is what she learned:

‘I have learned that I need to believe in myself more and believe I can take on a challenge that I migh tnot be used to and adapt to it and do the challenge really well if I push myself.’

The student found Thomas to be ‘lovely’ as a mentor and helpful, supportive and reassuring. These were her closing remarks on evaluating her experience:

I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone at Teach First for such a great time. I have met lovely people and I have learned so much about myself. Also I believe that my confidence has grown a lot. Also I would like to say ‘Thank you so much’ ot Thomas for such a great experience and pushing me out of my comfort zone to show me that I am able to do things I might think I can’t.’

Its lovely to see two generations of PZYC young people working together.

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