Chessington Trip

Today The Salvation Army went to Chessington. There was fun, making friends and overcoming fears. With ride names like Cobra, Vampire, and Dragon’s Fury there were thrills all round.

Rameses Revenge was the favourite ride and those who went in the middle especially enjoyed getting soaked, while upsidedown at a great height.

Rides like Rattlesnake and Dragon Falls were the stomach churning roller-coaster rides (the second just added water).

And rides like Bubble Works and Hocus Pocus were more relaxed and chilled-out and were perfect for after lunch. The Monkey Swings were a blast from the past of old canival times and the Zoofari and Sealife were great introductions to conservation. Seeing a white rhino and stroking a live prawn were highlights of those visits.

Lessons were learned:

  1. Wear a plastic poncho on wet rides or else you will get wet through.
  2. Do not put your bag in a locker and shut it before paying
  3. Bring a packed lunch to avoid paying over the odds for food
  4. Different rides are scary to different people – ie. Roz screamed all the way round Rattlesnake but was cool as a cucumber on Rameses Revenge

Overall, a great day building relationships, overcoming fears and having fun.

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