Autumn 2020

This academic year we were planning to have socially distanced bubble sessions and weekly online sessions but it’s looking like we will have to wait until after half-term to get back to Club. We have been working hard to make our centre ‘Covid Secure’ and we will be ready to return to onsite services when it is safe to do so.

The plan is to stay mainly online for the next four weeks (while we observe the changes) and to continue to provide services according to the following timetable which will change as appropriate to circumstances.

Email booking is necessary for all activities.

615 – 7pm

Tuesday Online Club (age 10+)
830 – 930am

Resources pick up time for parents/carers
@club before or after school run


4 – 7pm

Homework Club
Individual 30 min online slots to book

Literacy and Numeracy Games Classes
Group 30 min online classes.

4 – 5pm

Sign Language Club (age 10+)

Club sessions will need to be booked. Get in contact if you want to sign up for any of our activities this term or if you have other ideas or needs we can help with.

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