Children in Need

Friday the 13th is this year’s Children in Need day. Arrange to come and pick up our Children in Need Pack which includes a badge, some pugsy ears, colouring and craft ideas, snacks and some cookies to make.

Children in Need Ideas

Great Reflection Activity idea from one of our youth volunteers to raise awareness of Children in Need and also highlight the work we do…

Draw Pugsy Bear with bandage but no spots. Cut our spots so people can write on them about how we as a centre meet the needs of children – stick them on! Can be done virtually on a Zoom whiteboard!

Pugsy Bear Biscuits

  • Use any biscuit dough
  • Make 3 blobs – one bigger with 2 small to stick on for ears
  • You can add features like eyes with icing

Check out our fab Children in Need Activity pack!!!

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