Lego Challenge 2 Machines

Build a machine!

A rocket, car, plane, sub, robot… Invent your own!

Any way, any colour, any length, any height any design, any way.

What does your machine do? Does it make things? Does it take Lego things or Lego people places?

Or is your machine made of bits of old toys and a scooter? Or a library car like mine… Made of books and tinfoil?

Or is your machine made of the sofa and cushions and your imagination?

Or maybe the machine is one you draw to make people happy or maybe you can use a machine like a computer or phone so you can say hi and talk or send a funny gif. Or you could make a machine that does magic. 😊

You are the engineer of your life… Start building!

Check out a basic Lego machine here.

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