Lego Challenge 3 Factories

Build a factory or laboratory!

What kind of factory or lab is it? Is it like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Does it make toys or food or medicines? Can you test how bouncy is a football or how bendy is a banana?

Any way, any colour, any length, any height any design, any way.

Who works there? Do you need chemicals in a test tube or have to look through a microscope to test things? What happens?

Or is your factory made of a cardboard box like mine?

This factory makes healthy sugar from brussel sprouts!

Or is your factory or lab made of a blanket and chairs and your imagination?

Or maybe you could draw your factory or lab wher you discover a magical sweet that never ends like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You are the engineer of your life… Start building!

Check out a basic Lego test tube here.

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