Easter Activities

Hope you enjoy your Easter Activity Packs with lots of things to do and goodies. Here are a couple of more fun activities, craft and links.

What is Easter? Check out BBC Bitesize info and colouring in activities.

Dino Egg Craft: Make a hatching dinosaur egg with the National History Museum.

Make an Easter Wreath or an Easter Bunny decoration or read the Happy Easter Tooth Fairy with Greenwich Library.

Spring time animals – wooden spoon puppets and peg sheep

Easter card activity and how to make play dough here.

Here’s an Easter Challenge from the Discovery Museum: Using recycled materials and at least one egg (real, chocolate, or egg shape) create an invention

Guess what’s inside!
Keeley’s little Easter Chick!

What you need?

  • Scissors 
  • Yellow/orange card
  • White paper
  • Split pin
  • Googly eyes 
  • Glue stick
  • Cut out eggshell, beak, wings, hair and spots


Step one – Get the eggshell, make a hole, take the split pin and attach the pieces together on one side.

Step two- Glue the white circles on the egg shell and take the yellow circle, stick the two triangles on either side for the chick’s wings and take the W looking shape and stick behind the chick for its hair and glue the googly eyes and glue the orange triangle for the chick’s beak.

Step three – Put some glue on the bottom of the chick and glue it on the back of the bottom eggshell.

Link to see the video

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