Hands Christmas Trees and Wreaths

What’s needed:

  • green paper or colour paper green
  • black card
  • pencils
  • scissors (left/right as appropriate)
  • something to stick paper to wall

What to do:

  1. Place hand flat on paper, with fingers wide.
  2. Draw around hand (or get someone to draw around your hand)
  3. Cut hand out (or get help) & for more hands cut 3 sheets together for 3 hands
  4. Cut out trunk of tree and pot out of black card
  5. Stick pot and trunk to wall
  6. When you have collected enough hands stick them from the bottom up onto a wall or card, with fingers over-lapping the palms as foliage.

Get as many people with different sized hands to do this activity to get the best results, using bigger (adult hands) for the bottom of the tree and younger going up. The top hand in our tree was the youngest at club and the workers were all the bottom hands. A nice metaphor for all the helping hands people need in their lives growing up.

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