Club DofE Sleepover

The Duke of Edinburgh Award group had a sleepover at club to build relationships and practice some campcraft skills before going on a practice expedition in the summer.

We began the night with watching the semi-final of Britain’s Ggot talent on the big screen and in the long ad breaks did appropriate activities such as hula hoop games after the hula-hoop performance and Pictionary camping guess-the-word.

Then we put the trangias (camp stoves) together, learned about related health and safety and boiled some water for hot chocolate, out the back.

Then we put the tents up, indoors because it was a sleepover and just because.

We wathched The Fault is in our Stars and had pizza.

Eventually people nodded off around 330 am. and only with idle threats of contact with parents and very strong encouragement.

It was a delight to wake them up early in the morning with loud music. The restult was 1 – 1.

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